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A small company settlement near a working coal mine in Pennsylvania was often called a 'Patch'.

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There are several Buryks currently living in Saskatchewan and Ontario. Peter, Agnes and John Buryk are all in Saskatchewan, while Michael Buryk is in Toronto. Nothing is known about their family origins.


Teodor Buryk, who was born near Kiev, Ukraine, settled in England after World War II and is currently living there. Nothing is known of the origins of his family.


Francois Buryk is currently living in here in the region of Brittany. Nothing is known of the origins of his family.


Nikolaus Buryk was born in Dovha Wojnitowska, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, and left the village with his wife, Josepha Huttel in 1940. They eventually settled in southern Germany where his many descendants still live today.


Jan Buryk (Gburyk) and his father live in the village of Krecow, near Siemuszowa, located in Southeastern Poland. Several Gburyk's from Krecow traveled to the U.S. in the early 1900's. At least one family, that of Izydore Gburyk, settled in the Pittsburgh area. It is possible that the Gburyk's of Krecow were distant cousins of my grandfather Mikhail Buryk (Gburyk)


There is a strong possibility that there are Buryks now living in Ukraine near Dovha Wojnitowska, Wolochyi and near Kiev. No contacts have been made to date.

United States

Dmitrii Buryk arrived at Ellis Island in New York City in 1905 from Sokole, Galicia, Austria-Hungary . He settled in Staten Island, N.Y. His many descendants live in the New York area and New Jersey today.

Mihal Buryk passed through Ellis Island in New York City in 1909 from Radoszyce, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, on his way to Lopez, Pa. He is a descendant of a long line of Buryks in the Carpathian village of Radoszyce.

Mikhail (Mike) Buryk (Gburyk) came to America from Siemuszowa, Galicia, Austria-Hungary and passed through Ellis Island in New York City on June 17, 1911. He lived in Carteret, N.J., for several years with his wife, Julia Czerepaniak, but eventually settled near Minersville, Pa. about 1920. His numerous descendants live throughout the U.S. today.

Theodore Buryk entered the United States at Boston in 1910 and eventually settled in Newark, N.J. His birthplace was Wolochyi, Galicia, Austria-Hungary. His many descendants and relatives are in New York City and Central New Jersey.


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