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Sanok Area

Coal Country






A small company settlement near a working coal mine in Pennsylvania was often called a 'Patch'.

Minersville and Schulykill County, Pa.


The Lemkos, Rusnaks, Rusyny and Ukrainians of southeast Poland first began migrating to Coal Country in northeast Pennsylvania in the 1870’s in search of a better life.  What they often found there was grinding poverty even more difficult than back home and the hardened attitudes of the local people who considered them little more than beasts of burden to help carry America’s growing industry on their backs.  And most of all, extremely dangerous work conditions in the mines.


Visiting these web sites might help you acquire a better understanding of life in the anthracite (hard coal) region of Pennsylvania. New sites will be added as they are uncovered so come back and check from time to time.


Coal Patch Days, part 1 (The Ukrainian Weekly, 2/20/11)


Coal Patch Days, part 2 (The Ukrainian Weekly, 2/27/11)

Family stories of Lemko immigrants around Minersville, Pa.

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Nicholas Bervinchak, Coal Country artist (The Ukrainian Weekly, 10/02/11)

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Kramer's Barber Shop (Primrose, Pa.)

This web site is maintained by Ron Kramer whose grandfather Wasyl emigrated to Minersville, Pa., from the Sanok region in 1896. It offers some interesting photos documenting life here in the first half of the 20th century. Ron is a history buff and tells many interesting anecdotes about his family's past and the local strong Slavic roots still in evidence today.


Historical Society of Schuylkill County (Pa.)

This group is dedicated to discovering, procuring, and preserving the records of the history of Schuylkill County and any materials which may illustrate its history. Genealogical services are also available here.


Life of the Immigrant Miner

An assortment of links to various web sites covering all aspects of Slavic immigrant mining in Pennsylvania.


The Ukrainian Weekly

An excellent source for research on Ukrainians and Lemkos worldwide, but especially in the U.S. and Canada.


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