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Sanok Area

Coal Country






A small company settlement near a working coal mine in Pennsylvania was often called a 'Patch'.


Ukrainian and Lemko Genealogy


Digging into my family history since 1978, I have come across a few resources that you might find useful. Please check out the links on this page and come back from time to time for new ones.


Ukrainian Genealogy: FAMILY HISTORIAN TV (Sept. 2012)

Click on "HTTV Regular Programs" in the play list on the right

and then "Family Historian: Ukrainian Genealogy".


Online Toolkit for Ukrainian Genealogy TV Show

Web sites discussed on this FAMILY HISTORIAN program.


Ukrainian and Lemko bibliography

This list of web sites includes a bibliography for additional reading.


Lemko genealogy article on Lemko.org

A short online article about searching for your Lemko ancestors.


Article on preservation of Lemko cemeteries

Under the leadership of Dr. Ewa Bryla, Stowarzyszenie Dziedzictwo Mniejszosci Karpackich (SDMK) preserves old Lemko cemeteries in southeastern Poland.


The Ukrainian Weekly

An excellent source for research on Ukrainians and Lemkos worldwide, but especially in the U.S. and Canada.


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