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    Buryk: Where We Came From

    The ancestral homeland of the Buryk families appears to be in the southeast corner of what is now Poland. This area combined with the region immediately to the east of the current Polish border with Ukraine historically was known as Galicia. Galicia was originally part of Kievan-Rus, the medieval East European state from which came the nations of Ukraine, Byelorus and Russia. Galicia fell under the control of the expanding Polish-Lithuanian state during the 14th century as Kievan-Rus declined due to the repeated attacks of the Mongols from the East.

    At the end of the 18th century when the province of Galicia passed into the hands of the Austrian Empire after the partition of Poland, there were two villages in Lisko county where many Buryks lived -- Radoszyce (Radoshytsi) (scroll down, upper left) and Zawoz (Zaviz) (scroll far right, bottom right, village on river near bottom). (Please note maps load s l o w l y! They come courtesy of a link to the excellent LemkoWeb site. Use the back button on your browser to return to "Our Patch". Follow scroll directions to right of village name.)

    Church records from Radoszyce show a line of Buryks stretching back into the 1700's. For example, Iwan (John) Buryk was born in 1778 and married Maryia Suchoho in 1798. Their first son Theodore (Fteodor), born in 1799, had twelve children from 1823 to 1860 with two different wives, Maria Dankow and Anna Moni.

    The Buryks in Zawoz share an equally long past there, but here the surname takes an interesting twist. Both "Buryk" and "Bury" are used at different times to indicate members of the same family. This apparently began toward the end of the 18th century when one Daniel Bury had a son named Daniel whose recorded surname was "Buryk". It is possible that this surname variation was used for a son whose father had the same first name. The Buryk surname continued in use here into the 19th century with the many descendants of Daniel, son of Daniel.

    Other Buryks also lived further north in Lisko county. Dmitrii Buryk came from the village of Sokole (village located in lower right of map --- Sokolowa Wolna) on the San River south of Lisko. Mikhail Buryk emigrated from Siemuszowa (Semushova) (scroll right, scroll half way down, village on lower right near Holuczko), several miles north of Sianik, not far from the important medieval town of Dobra and southeast of Tyrawa Solna. A history of Siemuszowa can be found here.

    There are some Buryks whose place of emigration to other countries was much farther East. Nikolaus Buryk, whose descendants still live in southern Germany today, left his native village of Dovha Wojnitowska with his wife Josepha in 1940. Dovha Wojnitowska is located in Zhydachiv county in eastern Galicia, now Ukraine. Theodore Buryk, who arrived in the U.S. in 1910, came from Wolochyi (Pidhajci county), also in eastern Galicia. Other Buryks have been found as far East in Ukraine as the Kyiv region.


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